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If you’re looking to get some work done on your property and you’ll be looking for the best quality work you can get for the best price. You may have asked yourself “Which are the best fencing companies near me?” Well if you live in Massachusetts then you’re in luck! We’re some of the best quality local fence contractors in the area. We’re based out of Quincy, MA, and are a fully licensed and insured landscaping company specializing in fence repair and installation, as well has hardscaping and all your property needs.

We’ve had years on the job and our workers are knowledgeable and experienced with all different kinds of fence and gates, whether it be commercial, industrial, or something residential for your home. We’re fully equipped to handle jobs both big and small, and are enthusiastic to take part in improving your property. The way we see it; the better the job, the happier the customer. And the happier the customer the happier we are!

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Our Fencing Services

wood fence installation and repair Quincy ma

Wood Fencing Installation & Repairs

white vinyl fence installation Quincy ma

Vinyl Fencing Installation and Repairs

metal fence and gate repair Quincy

Metal/Iron Gates and Fence Repairs

Quality Fence Repair in Quincy

A well-built fence will stay with you a lifetime! Sure, it may need a little sprucing up here and there, but when you get the right fence contractors to tackle the job from the get go, you’re setting your fence up for great longevity and saving yourself the worry of having to take care of fence that needs constant maintenance. Not to mention you’ll be boosting your property value by improving it with a great new fence.

And for those of you who already have fences but are experiencing trouble, or even if you simply need your fence checked to see if it’s doing good or needs any attention, we’re the guys for the job! By hiring us as your fence installers, you’re setting yourself up for satisfaction. We’ve got a roster of satisfied customers behind us who’ve had us fix or install their fences. If there’s one thing we value, it’s transparency, and our customers are always included in the planning process so they can make all the best choices for their property. We want every job we take to be a proper reflection of our skill and work ethic, and as such we strive for our customers to feel confident in our skills and happy with the results.

Fence Installation

A fence is a plus for any property. It not only defines the borders of your property, but can add privacy, safety and style to your home or business. Here at Quincy Fence Pros you’ll get your pick of fence type, design, and material so you can get exactly the kind of fencing you had in mind for your land and achieve the home improvement goals you’re aiming for.

Having done this job repeatedly in many different situations and environments, our fence installation professionals are prepared to deal with a myriad of issues that may arise. This allows us to be confident in our skills since we’re prepared for practically any scenario that may arise. We’ve got the pro tools and the man-power to handle any type of fence installation job you may have for us.

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Some of you may want tall privacy fences to section your home or property off from the outside world. Maybe you’re in the market for a short, cute, white picket fence to add that welcoming, homey feeling to your home. Maybe you have a garden and grow produce, and need something to keep out local wildlife that threatens to eat your crop. Whatever the goals, whatever the need, we can get you there!

We’ve got multiple types of fences we can build that can keep your property safe from prying eyes or animals like raccoons or deer. Getting an 8-foot tall fence is another great way to provide yourself with privacy while at the same time keeping out any intruders, whether they be animal or human. We also make wire-mesh L-footers and all kinds of fences, both the kind you can see through and the type that blocks off the view to the outside world and offers privacy.

So for those of you in the Boston area looking to get a new fence installed, give us a call and get us to come on out and set you up with the fence that will complement your property and serve the purpose you had in mind for it best! By getting Quincy Fence Pros to build your fence for you, you’re investing in the future. Whether you’re planning on keeping the property or selling it, adding a fence to the property is an excellent idea, as it will increase property value and curb appeal, allowing your property to be more attractive to prospect buyers or renters.​

What to Do With a Broken Fence

A lot of people with broken fences wonder if their fence is worth repairing or if they should just replace the whole thing. First of all, you’re going to want to start by weighing up the costs. In most cases, repairing, repainting and sprucing your fence up will end up a whole lot cheaper than getting a whole new fence put in—in the short term, at least. If the damage has become too extensive then it might be best to replace it.

But there are a whole lot of fence issues that warrant a repair and where it won’t be necessary to replace the whole thing.

When it comes to wood fences, they’re a little more prone to damage than synthetic materials are. Rain, snow and heavy winds can take a heavier toll on wood fences. Cracks and holes in wood fences can be fixed with putty or wood filler, and if some of the boards are warped or more severely damaged, then those boards can be replaced with new ones. The new planks may look different, but we can treat and paint them to look the same as the others.

Vinyl fences are one of the options with the lowest maintenance. But there are still times when they need fixing. Damage from impact or heavy snows can cause the vinyl to crack, and when this happens we can replace the broken segments for you and leave you with a whole and healthy fence.

Aluminum fences are some of the most durable fences you can get. Similar to vinyl, some of the only damage that could happen with your aluminum fence is due to heavy force of impact, and in these cases we can replace the damaged parts for you by welding on new posts or rails. Occasionally a post might get loose due to soil erosion or the gravel moving about. We can take care of this by filling out the earth and placing a t-brace to make the area more functional and stronger.

For any of your possible fence repair needs, you can count on us! We’re available to all in the Boston area and are more than ready to take care of your fence repair needs. Take good care of your property by getting us to look after your fences.

Residential Fence Services

Some of our most common jobs include building and installing fences for residential areas. A good fence can serve multiple purposes, providing privacy, safety, beauty, as well as driving up the curb appeal of your property.

When most people think of a residential fence, the first thing that comes to mind is one of those classic white picket fences, and while these are a very popular choice for many homeowners, they are only one of the many options available on our list of possible quality residential fences that we have to offer.

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If you’re in the market for a good privacy fence, we’ve got multiple styles and materials you can choose from. The Board-on-Board (also known as Shadowbox) style is among the most popular. This is a very simple construction method, making this type rather affordable. Among other privacy fence style we can make are the Lock board, Convex, Dog-eared, Stockade, Lattice and, of course, Picket. You can also choose which material you prefer, whether it be wood, vinyl (PVC) or bamboo. Some of these are even available in aluminum.

Another common request from many of our customers is the pool fence. Placing a fence around your pool can help keep small kids, pets and other animals out of your pool, keeping everyone safe and making it a while lot easier to keep your pool clean. We can install all sorts of fences for your pool. Aluminum fences are particularly good at resisting rust and are very durable. For a classy yet simple look, you can get the glass pool fence. This gives you the added benefit of being able to maintain an unobstructed view to and from your pool, if that’s what you’re looking for. And if you’re looking for a more classic look, you can always go for the trusty wood fence for your pool.

On top of our fence building and installation services, we also take care of installing gates for your property, whether it be on your newly installed fence or simply replacing an old gate on your already set up fence.

We look to give our customers a varied selection so you can find the choice of residential fence that will best suit your property and give you the atmosphere you’re looking for. With our fence installing services, we can turn your property into the home of your dreams!

Types of Fences we Install

As fence building professionals, we want to make sure we covered a broad spectrum of fence types that we know how to work with and are able to install. Over the years we’ve had the pleasure of working with fences of all shapes and sizes, and have become experts on pretty much any type of fence that comes to mind. We’re proud to be able to offer our top notch fence installation services to all those in the greater Boston area.

Amongst the types of fences we can install are:

·        Wood fencing, utilizing the best quality wood, including both red and white cedar.

·        Vinyl fences

·        Vinyl coated fencing

·        Chain-link/metal fencing

·        Slatted chain link fencing

·        Galvanized chain link fences

·        Ornamental aluminum

·        Wrought iron fences and gates

·        Picket fences

·        Baluster fences

·        Scalloped baluster fencing

·        Post and rail fencing

·        Custom wood fences and gates

·        Tennis court fencing

·        Security cages

·        Ornamental gate​

Whichever fence style you choose for your property will set the tone for the look of your property’s exterior. So take into account what appearance you’re going for when you choose the type of fence. Are you trying to set a sharp, professional tone to a property with a business? Are you looking to make a warm, friendly environment for you home? A fence will help you reach these aesthetic goals and improve the appearance of the place it’s installed.

More importantly, a fence will provide you with two key factors that will improve your home’s appeal and worth: safety and privacy. Even if a privacy fence is not what you’re going for, simply having a fence put up clearly denotes where your property begins and thus gives you a certain amount of privacy and security.

Aluminum fences are known to be some of the sturdiest yet simplest and most attractive fences on the market. Wood has that classic, age-old appeal that so many want to see. PVC fencing is low maintenance, affordable, and lasts for a long time. Wrought iron is generally the most reliable, longest lasting type of fence that you can find, and as such costs a little more.

But with every type of fence you’ll get countless benefits, so it really depends on the purpose for the fence and your personal preferences when deciding what kind of fence you want.

But that’s entirely up to you! We’re here to carry out what you want and get you the fence that you choose. Give us a call today and get us to come on down and give you a free estimate! You can also fill out the form that we have here on our page for a free quote.


Customer Reviews

"My fence went up so quickly! Love the service and quality of work. They were also able to help with other parts of our landscaping, such as installing our pavers which look amazing!"

​Linda D.

"We needed to repair our wood fence. Repairs were done fast and very well. Will definitely use them again in the future."

​Bill P.

"I wanted to replace our old wood fence with new vinyl one. My new fence is looking amazIng!"

Luis M.

Areas We Service

We service residential and commercial customers for fence services in Quincy, Weymouth, Braintree, Milton, Dorchester, Dedham, Wollaston, Germantown, Marina Bay, Squantum, Hingham, Randolph, Canton, Abington, Holbrook, Avon, and all surrounding neighborhoods. 

If you need other services for your property, such as lawn care, hardscaping, yard cleanups and more, we are ready and experienced with all aspects of property care!

Give us a call today, we look forward to serving you!